While traveling through China, New Jersey native Paul Abrahamian became desperate for a taste of home. KFC was the only American joint in town and so, on that fateful day, the Colonel inspired our excited entrepreneur to develop his own comfort food concept. And now, together with his partner Jonathan Sherman, Abrahamian will open Sticky’s Finger Joint, a chicken finger focused eatery in Greenwich Village tonight.

Phalange fanatics will be able to get their strips “naked” (grilled), baked, or fried with a myriad of different sauces to choose from and, if you consent, a “glitterbang” (seasoned spice blend toppers). Also offered are the “Finger Rolls,” themed fingers served on Balthazar bread. Patrons can also get a side salad of microgreens and any of their featured sides, which include purple potato french fries, fried green beans, or "stickysticks" (candied carrots) in varying combinations for under $11.11. But expect the menu to change frequently because Abrahamian insists this will not be a typical retail experience. Instead, you will just find "young, fun people who really love food and experimenting." Girl, anything could happen at Sticky's Finger.

Because of the enormous range of chicken finger concoctions, Sticky’s menu will feature a different creative combo on a bi-weekly or monthly rotation. This month expect to see their Lemon-Lime Candied Rind and Balsamic Buffalo Maple, served naked, the BadaBing finger roll (a take on a chicken Parmesan sandwich), and for friends of the fryer, the Wasabi finger, which consists of a chicken finger doused in a buttermilk wasabi marinade, wasabi flavored flour mix, wasabi egg wash, wasabi seasoned panko crumbs, wasabi and ginger sauces, and a good ole wasabi glitterbang.

Sticky's will be giving the general public a sneak peak tonight from 7:00pm-10:00pm, and then again on Friday from 7:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. before the grand opening on Monday the 26th at 11:00 a.m. As Abrahamian tells us, the whole journey has been extraordinarily serendipitous so far: "Life's all about putting your energy out in the universe and having it all come back to you." If karma consists of feasting on chicken fingers, we're sold.

Sticky's Finger Joint // 31 West 8th Street