Having conquered the expansive outdoor tiki bar with gusto, the adventurous residents of Staten Island have now turned their focus to the cuisines of our forebears with a mixed history themed spectacle restaurant that opened this month. Behold Troy Restaurant, an "Empire of Taste" discovered by Eater that specializes in what our "ancestors during the early ages or Medieval era ate.

Let's let the restaurant speak for itself:

Well when you put it that way!

Let's go to the menu for some specifics about what this articulate young man is trying to elucidate. The opening menu includes dishes like Aussie Kangaroo Filet Salad for $19—not bad for imported meat!—"Troy" Truffle Soup with Foier Grass [sic] ($12) and the charmingly dressed Milk-Fed Yorkshire Piglet ($26) seen in the above photos. For some reason there's French Brie Cheese coming from the raw bar but I won't complain because I'll take my cheese from anywhere.

The eclectically decorated restaurant—which includes dragon buttresses, a pressed tin ceiling, blindingly gold Greek-ish statues and a stage for live shows—occupies a squat building along a strip of busy Hylan Boulevard. Luckily for those of us not already residing in the borough, the restaurant is just a few blocks from the Staten Island Railroad, which in turn is accessible in the ferry terminal in St. George. There's now no better reason to visit SI.

[via Eater]

2271 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, (718) 667-8769; website

Troy Restaurant Menu