Babies: so annoying. Aside from blocking bike lanes, killing your buzz and totally getting away with eating on the subway, the latest study from the Obvious Institute says that mothers of young children don't eat well. You're also five times more likely to be outraged when restaurants don't offer kids menus.

The study, actually from the University of Minnesota Medical School, found that "mothers reported greater consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, total energy, and percent saturated fat compared with women without children." New mothers ate as many vegetables as their non-mom counterparts, but also consumed more calories. Both new mothers and fathers also found it harder to spend time at the gym.

Researcher Jerica Berge posited, "My line of thought is they are trying to eat the right foods and trying to set the good example, but at the same time they are eating more of these fast foods like chicken nuggets because they take less time to cook." Which wouldn't be a problem if more parents just took their kids to the local farmers market. Why doesn't the rest of America get that?