Staten Island's "hip" new waterfront retail corridor will be blessed with a Shake Shack, the first to open in the borough. The forthcoming Empire Outlets, which will accompany the New York Wheel, will house the Shack along with other home-grown food chains including Two Boots, Nathan's, Mighty Quinn's.

But back to the Shack. Plans include 947-square-feet of outdoor dining, with views into Lower Manhattan previously reserved for ferry goers and ballpark attendees. The restaurant's scheduled to open in March of 2018 along with the rest of the Empire shops.

The complex will also feature "Staten Island's first-ever artisanal food hall," called MRKTPL, which will include a whopping 30 different food and beverage vendors. I'll never forget you, Staten Island Mall food court.

Speaking of the Staten Island Mall, Shake Shack had previously announced plans to open there, a spokesperson tells Gothamist that's not scheduled to happen until 2019.