A group of Thanksgiving haters concerned citizens on Staten Island are rallying to save the turkeys who were scheduled for execution earlier this week. Starting on Wednesday, a group of 50 people gathered near the South Beach Psychiatric Center, the site where a large flock of wild turkeys has been camped out for years. The group hopes to protect any future bird-napping from the area and gathered to express their outrage that no prior notice was given to the community that the birds would be removed.

"It was really sneaky the way they did this," Leigh Shea lamented to SI Live. "These turkeys have been here for years." The watch continued on Thursday, where residents adopted a phone relay system to notify protestors if the USDA returns. “We’re just trying to keep this from happening,” Elisa DiSimone explained to DNAinfo. “We're really trying save this piece of Staten Island history.”

Monday morning the USDA began removing the birds from the lawn outside the hospital, citing turkey aggression and "excessive feces." The agency claims the birds can't simply be relocated because of the "hybrid turkeys" that are part of the flock, but opponents aren't buying it. "It's crazy," said professor Irving Robbins. "There are hundreds of acres of woods on the South Shore where they could be relocated. Why kill them?"