New York's got a pretty good repertoire when it comes to locally-brewed beer, with brews like Sixpoint, Brooklyn Brewery and KelSo calling the city home. And a few Staten Island home-brewers hope to throw their hats in the hops ring, with each planning to open rival commercial breweries in January.

Jonathan Schulman, 67, runs the Staten Island Brewing Company out of his basement, but he's been shopping around for a bigger space to start a commercial business soon. And he's not planning on leaving his borough, even though local space has been hard to find: "I feel that opening a brewery here that’s responsive to the community is a real give-back kind of thing and that's more important than the money," Schulman, who has been home-brewing for nearly twenty years, told DNAinfo. "That’s why I want to stay right here."

And Jay Sykes, 30, who co-owns the Flagship Brewing Company, says he's already secured a commercial space for his brewery in St. George, with plans to start operating out of it by early next year. Sykes hopes to keep things hyper-local, even planting hops in an SI park. "We want to grow this on Staten Island," he said. "We think it's the right way to grow it."

These won't be the first breweries on Staten Island, since the borough used to boast big names like Bachmann’s Brewery and Rubsam and Horrmann’s Atlantic Brewing Co., which was later taken over by Piels. Alas, those breweries died out in the 20th century, but if Sykes and Schulman can bring back local craft brews, well, maybe those "Staten Island is the new Brooklyn" jibes aren't so far off, after all.