It'll be difficult for any startup to topple Seamless's vice-like grip on our dinner delivery addiction, but Caviar, which already launched in Manhattan, is determined to try. The company began servicing parts of Brooklyn today, offering delivery meals from restaurants not typically in the takeout game, which should help us break the Taco Chulo cycle we've been stuck in for the past few months.

On the Brooklyn docket are Williamsburg's incredible sandwich shop Saltie; Cobble Hill's excellent Italian eatery Brucie; and Park Slope's funky wing spot Wangs. For the launch, there are 24 eateries participating, though that number should grow as word spreads. In addition to the exclusivity factor, Caviar also boasts photographs of every item available for delivery from each restaurant. Depending on how you look at it, that makes ordering infinitely easier or way more difficult.

Though there's typically a $5 fee involved for these deliveries—another key difference between this service and most restaurants on Seamless—the company is waiving that for a limited time. There's also no minimum to order from any restaurant, so if you want a single Bark hot dog or one order of french fries from No. 7 Restaurant, go for it. If you live within the Western Brooklyn delivery zone, why ever leave your home again?