As part of their humanitarian mission to make sure no man, woman or child should have to wait more than 5 minutes for a caffeinated beverage, Starbucks has launched their first express store today at 14 Wall Street. The company had previously announced plans to feature a reduced menu of coffee products and food items—take that time sucking venti mocha double shot Frappachino elsewhere, pal—at the new shops, plus a mobile ordering and digital payment system that would further speed up the caffeination process.

Though known for their welcoming, "community-oriented" shops, these new locations won't have seating of any kind. The 538-square foot space will include a digital menu, artwork above the counter area and wood paneling throughout. Customers place orders with an employee wielding a handheld device, then proceed forward to pay and pick up their drinks. There's even a separate exit, making the process not unlike a factory conveyor belt. "Simply put, this format is the 'espresso shot' version of the store experience Starbucks is known for," says the press release.

The company says it plans to add four more of these express-style stores to New York City this year, plus expand their "destination" experience shops worldwide.