121608starbuckshanukkah.jpg[UPDATE BELOW] A reader sent us this photo, taken by a friend, of a special edition Starbucks menorah cup, which supposedly contained the chain's "Hanukkah Blend." This individual claims he bought it at an unspecified location on the Upper West Side, where the barista told him "we're serving it at Starbucks in Jewish neighborhoods for the next two weeks."

We've spent over an hour calling around to Starbucks across the city and even corporate headquarters, and though we're told there is a "Holiday Blend," nobody knows squat about any Jewish-themed coffee or beverage receptacle. (Other than this mug.) Guess what? The more the menorah cup eludes us, the more we're starting, inexplicably, to care.

At the Starbucks on 76th and Broadway, a manager tells us that while they have no Hanukkah themed paper cups, they will sell you the "Christmas Blend" (her words!) in a blue and gold Hanukkah themed bag. Not good enough! We're beginning to think the Hanukkah Blend could be the new Shamrock Shake. Also, if this is supposed to be a Hanukkah menorah, shouldn't it have a couple more candles?

Well, we were hoping for a Hanukkah miracle, but it looks like the skeptics have won the day. A press liaison for Starbucks writes: "We are dedicated to serving every customer regardless of how they choose to mark the holiday season. For our customers celebrating Hanukkah, we offer a selection of Hanukkah themed merchandise including mugs and tumblers. We do not offer Hanukkah blend coffee, nor do we carry blue to-go cups in our stores."