People of Earth! Yesterday, Starbucks opened the pod bay doors to its newly-christened NYC flagship store in Times Square! According to a transmission from Starbucks Leaders', the location at 47th and Broadway "has been a gathering place for residents, tourists and Broadway performers for years." And now, after a round of Phase Two renovations, it has been transformed into the eighth NYC Starbucks with LEED certification. It opened today, offering customers "a high-tech experience aligned with the Times Square environment." Upon entering this futuristic coffee wonderland, you can expect:

  • "An Interactive Photo Booth and NY Times timeline that enables users to toggle between Times Square historical timeline and Photo Booth applications on one of two touchscreen monitors!" What? Who cares—"toggling" is a blast when you're jacked up on caffeine.
  • "Using the Photo Booth application, users can take a Times Square-themed souvenir photo, which can be retrieved with a QR Code using a Smart Phone or through an email process! Users are encouraged to share their photos on their Social Media sites." Be sure to tell your friends how you had an authentic NYC coffee experience at Starbucks!
  • "A Social Media video wall: features a live feed of Starbucks posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram both in-store and outside!" Because it would be a shame if you missed out on any Starbucks-related news while... inside a Starbucks.
  • "A 2x2 Product Promotion video wall: video playlists are updated regularly to match current promotions and brand direction." Mmmm, brand direction.

Also, they serve coffee. A large cup costs $2.40. Be sure to make a tweet about it on Twitter and tell your friends on Facebook and check in on Foursquare while you enjoy it!