In an effort to reduce the amount of landfill-bound coffee cups created by caramel macchiato fanatics, Starbucks has launched a new line of reusable cups for eco-minded customers. The $1 plastic tumblers, which have interior lines marking both "tall" and "grande" sizes, are available in stores in the U.S. and Canada starting today. While reusable cups have always been accepted at the chain, the new tumblers were designed to mimic their paper counterparts, with the green Starbucks logo emblazoned on the white plastic hulls. Because nothing solidifies your status as a serious coffee drinker more than the Starbucks cup you flash at fellow straphangers.

A test program in 600 Pacific Northwest Starbucks "boosted the number of reusable cups 26% in those stores last November, compared with the same month a year earlier," per USA Today. That's encouraging given how remembering that damn thing in the first place is the biggest hurdle with any reusable product. But considering stores will wash and sanitize your cup with boiling water before each refill, at least you won't risk losing it in the growing pile of dishes in your sink.

The chain will offer a 10 cent discount on all beverages when the cup is utilized, which is all well and good, but from a money-saving viewpoint the savings won't really add up to much. A daily Starbucks visitor would save $36.50 over the course of a year—minus the initial $1 up front cost—which would give them just enough to buy a Java Chip Frappuccino with a few bucks leftover for a trenta of vino.