2006_08_starbucks.jpgWhoa - a jury decided that Starbucks must pay $301,000 for scalding a customer's feet with a hot coffee. East Village resident Alice Griffin had ordered a venti coffee at the 49th Street and 7th Avenue Starbucks when a barista "pushed it toward her, knocking the loose-lidded cup over," which then spilled onto her foot. Apparently, Starbucks coffees must be properly lidded! Griffin got a second degree burn from the 200 degree coffee and says she has permanent nerve damage from the incident ($1,000 is for medical services she had to receive). The Post also reports Griffin's claims that she can't wear certain kind of shoes, can't use the treadmill, and can't ballet dance anymore due to the injuries. While Judge Emily Jane Goodman thought the jury's settlement figure was high, she denied Starbucks' attempt to throw out the case for lack of evidence. And 200 degrees is really hot - we're surprised holes aren't burned through the garbage bags when we see people pouring their coffee out to make room for milk. Too bad you can't sue for burning your tongue on some good ol' Charbucks.

Remember the McDonald's case where a 79 year old woman sued over a hot coffee that spilled onto her lap?