The Starbucks price hike (11 cents on regular coffee, 50 cents on specialty drinks like Frapuccinos) is reverbating amongst consumers. The Post speaks to one unwitting victim of the Seattle juggernaut, who says, "It's a real shame. I already spend about $300 a month on coffee. And frankly, I don't even like Starbucks, but it's convenient." Damn, lady, Gothamist thinks coffee might be the least of your problems - that's about $10 a day on coffee! Howard Schultz is spinning gold out of hay, as far as Gothamist is concerned. Slate has an article about the price hike, with some examination of the NY coffee market:

When I left Moneybox's New York headquarters to conduct research at the closest Starbucks (a block away), I passed a half-dozen other coffee vendors. There's the guy with the cart who sells the little Greek diner cups for 50 cents; the deli with the scalding 75-cent generic joe and the thin paper cup; the convenience store with $1.00 faux gourmet stuff; and Cosi, where a latte costs $3.59. Only after running this gantlet could I enter Starbucks, where a java chip Frappuccino runs $4.75.

The other thing is that Starbucks coffee contains loads more caffeine than other coffees out there, which actually makes the price hike logical if you go by price per parts caffeine. Gothamist tends to partake in the coffee cart coffee, so this price hike really isn't affecting us (our number one jones is sugar, sugar, and more sugar, much like Buddy the Elf). Are you getting blasted by the price hike? Or do you favor the smaller establishments, like Gorilla Coffee, Porto Rico, or Mud?

And a Starbucks barista was beat up earlier this year but not because of the prices.