AHA. Though 7-Eleven has made every attempt to stick its Slurpee-ed fingers into Manhattan's beloved bodega scene, at least one outpost has lost its fight for homogeneity. The St. Mark's Place outpost is no more. 1 down, 10,199 to go!

EV Grieve spotted the St. Mark's spot packing up on Sunday, and the Post also chimes in that it's gone. And it looks like it won't be missed; when the outpost opened in 2012, local businesses like 24-hour egg cream palace Gem Spa, which is located just across the street, complained that they were seeing a slide in business.

Area residents weren't too happy with it either, apparently, starting a blog called no7eleven and calling for a ban of the store. "I feel like there are so many better options than 7-Eleven,”Shauna Westgate, 39, who works in the neighborhood, told the Post. “I would rather support small businesses than a big chain. Plus, it was ugly."

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven did not immediately respond to inquires about why the location closed. But don't get too excited, St. Mark's Place. An empty retail space in NYC can only mean one thing.