Upper West Side restaurant Telepan has brought back its wonderful seasonal dish of pea pancakes. And they'll only be on the menu for about a month.

It's a celebration of peas: Two pea pancakes are served on pea puree and spinach, and then atop the pancakes are sautéed peas (English, sugar snap and shell) and mushrooms. On the side are pea agnolotti with mascarpone cheese inside.

The savory pancakes are light and bursting with pea flavor, and the peas and mushrooms are hearty but not heavy. Overall, it's a filling and delicious ode to spring. A server said last night that the dish should be on the menu into May, but it all depends on what the farmers have.

Chef Bill Telepan has shared his recipe for the pancakes, even demonstrating from his kitchen:

Pea pancakes with pea agnolotti are $26 at Telepan, which is located at 72 West 69th Street in Manhattan.