On November 6th, Patrón Secret Dining Society is announcing another top-secret, gourmet meal to be attended by only a select few winners. Like previous events, the meal will be held at a secret location and complemented with innovative Patrón cocktails developed by world-class mixologists. Tempting to say the least, right? Make sure to be a part of it with Patrón Secret Dining Society, your ticket to this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The details won’t be revealed until November 6th, so be at the front of the line by registering here to get the info when it’s released. When the location is revealed, you’ll have to correctly answer a trivia question to get the chance to attend, so make sure to pay attention to what you see on the site! Even if you don’t gain access this time, there are lots of other prizes up for grabs. Become a member of Patrón Social Club today!