The following post is from our advertiser, Sailor Jerry.

You see, there aren't many men like Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins around anymore. The father of old-school tattooing, Sailor Jerry was a true classic in every sense of the word. A tough old sea dog with a shrewd intellect, Jerry stood up for himself and stood by his work earning him a legacy that is still felt today. That's why we've rounded up stories of a few people who remind us of the originality, dedication, and inspiring passion for the work they do. Brooklyn tattoo artist Alex McWatt and butcher Tom Mylan are two such men.


Brooklyn tattoo artist Alex McWatt has the same level of integrity and devotion to the craft as the great artists who have come before him. From his shop, Three Kings Tattoo, he leaves his mark on the many skins lucky enough to find themselves in his chair. He still holds true to the tradition of old-school tattoo his work draws from. McWatt is another artist fortunate to make a living doing what he loves.

From his Brooklyn shop The Meat Hook Tom Mylan practices the old-school ways of meat carving. With a focus on the real art of butchering; knowing the intricacies of an animal's anatomy, best cuts for certain preparations, keeping your customer happy... He is passionate about what he does and he does it well.