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It's kind of a miracle food, Macaroni and Cheese. As a side dish it goes great with just about everything, but put enough of it on your plate and, voila, you suddenly have a whole delicious meal! It can be absolutely perfect served in straightforward fashion, just those two ingredients making beautiful music together, or you can add some life to the party by stirring in any number of meats, veggies, and condiments, all without sacrificing the dish's essential Mac-n-Cheesiness.

As comfort food, it's pretty much peerless, and we've eaten a ton of this stuff... well, for our entire life, really, but especially during the pandemic. You can order Mac-n-Cheese from dozens of different restaurants all over the city, for easy and convenient delivery via Grubhub, and most places do at least a decent job with the dish. Here, though, are ten spots that consistently nail it.

Jacob's Pickles on Upper West Side

An instant hit when it first opened on Amsterdam Avenue some ten years ago, Jacob's Pickles has become an Upper West Side institution, packing them in for brunch and dinner daily since 2011. Part of that has to do with the lively atmosphere and warm hospitality here, but most of the success can be attributed to the food, which is both very good and massively portioned, including a stellar Mac & Cheese, which you can as a (huge) side dish or as an (also huge) main course, either classic or loaded up with fiery Buffalo Chicken. And since the only real downside to Jacob's Pickles is how hard it can be to get a table, sometimes it's better to just order this stuff via Grubhub and relax at home.

Jacob's Pickles is located 509 Amsterdam Avenue -- Order Now

Hometown Bar-B-Que in Red Hook, Industry City

Bill Durney's pit-smoked paradise near the water in Red Hook is without question the overall best barbecue restaurant in NYC, and the same goes for his newer outpost, which opened a little more than two years ago in Industry City in Sunset Park. Literally everything on Hometown's menu is outstanding, from the massive Beef Rib to the Brisket Tacos to the Spicy Vietnamese Wings, but whatever you get, you should also get Durney's excellent Mac & Cheese, which is sloppy as hell with Texas style queso. And since all of this food travels really well, having an at-home Hometown feast delivered via Grubhub makes for an easy win on a cold winter's night.

Hometown Bar-B-Que has locations in Red Hook and Industry City -- Order Now

The Smith in the East Village, Midtown East, and Nomad

Every neighborhood needs at least one--and, preferably, several--restaurants like The Smith, a place with a crowd-pleasing menu, a kitchen crew that knows what they're doing, and an overall friendly vibe that can accommodate a large crew ready to party, or a friend catch-up lunch, or a first (or fourth) date, or, in this case, someone who just wants to stay home and stream some shows with a big bowl of first-rate Mac and Cheese. Add chicken or steak if you really want to go nuts, but The Smith's skillet-roasted, extra-gooey pasta is pretty perfect as it is. Maybe a little hot sauce from your home condiment cabinet?

The Smith has location in the East Village, Nomad, and Midtown East -- Order Now

Bobwhite Counter in the East Village

Over on Avenue C, just far enough out of reach from the hordes that roam the East Village party-zone to feel like a locals-only spot, the tiny, decade-old Bobwhite Counter not only serves some of the city's best fried chicken--it's a tea-brined bird that's simple, salty, and satisfying--the baked Mac 'n Cheese here is true banger, a chewy, gooey boat of corkscrew Cavatappi pasta thick with glorious lactose. And if for some reason your at-home hot sauce supply is running low, Bob White sells sides of their fiery, vinegary Buffalo, which you should dump all over everything.

Bobwhite Counter is located at 94 Avenue C -- Order Now

S'mac in the East Village

Since the mid-aughts, Sarita's Macaroni & Cheese, aka S'mac, has been feeding the East Village massive, bubbling pans filled with all sorts of cheesy delights. The menu is wonderfully varied--want to eat a different type of mac and cheese every night of the week? No problem!--but personal pick hits here include La Mancha, made with manchego, fennel, and onion; the Cajun, starring pepper jack and andouille sausage; the Parisian, creamy with brie and studded with figs; and the self-explanatory Cheeseburger. Get a bunch of different ones delivered, stream a "cheesy" movie, and you have an instant cheese fest!

S'mac is located at 197 First Avenue -- Order Now

Bubby's in Tribeca

Another neighborhood gem, this time down on lower Hudson Street in historic Tribeca, Bubby's delivers wonderful trenditions of all sorts of comfort food classics, from world-class Buttermilk Biscuits, Fried Chicken, and Matzo Ball Soup to a top-tier Burger and, of course, a lovely, crusty Bacon Mac 'n Cheese. This latter dish is so good, you might even want to order it even if you're getting Bubby's famous Blueberry Pancakes. Heck, a plate of Bacon Mac 'n Cheese and a slice or two Bubby's pies sounds like a pretty solid order-in situation to me!

Bubby's is located at 120 Hudson Street -- Order Now

Beecher's Handmade Cheese in Flatiron

When you call your Mac & Cheese the "World's Best" right there on the menu, it better at least be among the best in NYC (which is kind of the world?). Fortunately, Beecher's Handmade, the Seattle-based cheese-maker and -monger that set up shop here near the Flatiron back in 2011, makes good on their bragging. Beecher's version of the dish is made with penne noodles encased in a molten mixture of their housemade Flagship (a cheddar and gruyere hybrid) and Jack cheeses, bound together with cream and finished in the oven. Get it delivered via Grubhub with a Grilled Cheese and some Tomato Soup for a lovely wintertime home picnic.

Beecher's Handmade is located at 900 Broadway -- Order Now

Murray's Mac and Cheese in the West Village

You would expect that if Murray's, the legendary cheese shop who's been holding it down on Bleecker Street since 1940, were to open a restaurant devoted almost solely to mac and cheese, then the signature dish would be top-notch. And, in the case of Murray's Mac and Cheese, also on Bleecker, you would be right. The pasta here is the corkscrew-ish radiatori, which maximizes the surface area for all that rich, melty goodness, and varieties include such winners as BBQ with pepper jack and chicken, French Onion with gruyere, fontina, and bacon, and Lobster Mac, with claw meat, parmigiano, and mascarpone.

Murray's Mac and Cheese is located at 264 Bleecker Street -- Order Now

Root and Bone in the East Village

Top Chef and Yardbird of Miami alums Jeff MicInnis and Janine Booth opened this ramshackle spot over near Avenue C back in 2014, and it feels like it's been crowded every night since. That partly just because it's a fun party place, but Root and Bone also serves some delicious Southern comfort food, including Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken, Shrimp and Grits, Short Rib Meatloaf, and, of course, a fantastic Mac and Cheese, which has the usual appeal of the dish, and is then elevated by the biscuit crumble baked in on top.

Root and Bone is located at 200 East 3rd Street -- Order Now

Westville in Dumbo, Chelsea, East Village, West Village, Hell's Kitchen, Hudson Square, Financial District

The motto at this increasingly ubiquitous farm-to-table chain is "something for everyone, every meal, every day." And, yup, that about sums up the Westville appeal. These are reliably good, easy-to-like restaurants with food that travels well, so they're just as useful as an everyday delivery option as they are a neighborhood hang. Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options too. Our go-tos at the Westvilles are the Market Plate (four vegetable sides made into an entree), the zippy Turkey Chili, and, of course, the excellent Smoky Mac and Cheese, though we sometimes get the equally satisfying Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese instead.

There are Westvilles in Dumbo, Chelsea, the East Village, the West Village, Hell's Kitchen, Hudson Square, and the Financial District -- Order Now

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