A millionaire Indian spice importer was allegedly spotted streaking through the Four Seasons hotel in Midtown after getting wasted on Tequila. Dhiraj Arora made the commotion in September, forcing cops to drag him to a nearby psych ward. Witnesses say he barked “suck my million-dollar c--k!” at the officers, but Arora insisted to the Post that the comment was actually “suck my $57 million d--k.” Something tells us Arora might get along with a certain panty-wearing boxing legend also featured in a hotel-gone-wild Post story today.

Arora was spotted totally nude in the health club of the hotel around 11 a.m. on Sept. 23—cops were called, and discovered he had been drinking that morning. Arora then allegedly locked himself in his room. He wasn't arrested for the incident, but he felt the need to speak to the Post about it anyway today: “I was in my underwear with the music playing, ready to rock, and the next thing I know I’m being escorted out by two female police officers. One had a gun pointed at me. I was preparing a salt bath, food from the night before—and the next thing I know there’s a knock on the door saying it’s the police,” he said.

He swears he wasn't drunk or naked anywhere but the steam room, and implied that some of the other guests and hotel security may have been racially profiling him: “I don’t run around places naked, and I sure as hell was not running around naked at the Four Seasons hotel," he declared.

As The Observer points out, Arora has a "bootstrap success story," turning $10 spice packet mixes made in his mother’s house in New Jersey into Arora Creations Inc., the only USDA-certified Organic Indian Grocery product line. In a Crain’s New York Business interview—he was named one of Crain’s Top Entrepreneurs in 2007—he described his typical schedule as 90 hours a week with travel up to 20 days out of the month: "I’m making money because I’m young and energetic, and because I’m breaking my back." Below, check out a video on him: