Clearly this is what you get for rejecting Shaq. As we guessed at the start of the year, the Times Square tourist trap Mars 2112 appears to have left our orbit. With the loss of the Rainbow Room, the Tavern on the Green, Elaine's and now this we're left to wonder...why can't New York have nice things? And what themer is next for the chopping block; Ninja?

But seriously, folks, we're actually impressed that Mars 2112 even made it this long. The 33,000-square-foot curiosity opened in 1999 and filed for bankruptcy (for the first time) in 2002 and (for the second time) in 2007. Lately its been more known for private parties that badly dressed former-basketball stars can't get into and that one time a few years back that Brad Pitt took Maddoz Jolie-Pitt there.

Nobody is answering the restaurant's phones to confirm it is gone, but the fact that it sold off all of its stuff (including its arcades) at the start of the year is a pretty clear sign of a lack of life on Mars. The New York Observer is reporting that the space's broker is hoping to lure in a big retail name like Apple for the underground space.

Meanwhile our theory? Mars 2112 had a secret symbiotic relationship with the late Mars Bar and simply could not survive without it.