The so-called Soup Nazi—aka original SoupMan Al Yeganeh—is a NYC legend thanks in part to the depiction of him in a classic Seinfeld episode. But considering the fact that Yeganeh became famous for his totalitarian views on soup distribution, we're somewhat surprised to learn that he has given approval to roll out a fleet of franchised Original SoupMan food trucks that will literally bring the soup to you, no questions asked.

According to the Post, the company is hoping to roll out 80-100 soup trucks across the country by next year; the rights to each truck costs $15K, but it'll cost another $85K to lease the vehicle, which has Yeganeh's face plastered on it. And really, what would be the point of having an Original SoupMan truck without that?

Even though he's not officially in charge anymore, Yeganeh is still the mustachioed soul behind the business: “He makes all the soups. He’s a soup genius,” said Lloyd Sugarman, the company’s CEO. “There’s nothing that comes in without his approval. He’s still very protective of his recipes. He gets the royalties on all soups...and makes money on every box of soup sold in stores.”

Well, looks like someone is going to need a new catchphrase.