Blimpies, Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins, and Starbucks. All these chains have popped up in Greenpoint along Manhattan Avenue since last year. Today, Manhattan Ave. gets an Original Soup Man (aka the Soup Nazi). Gothamist stopped in to sample the wares and went with a bowl of the lobster bisque. We didn't even have to ask for bread, as the franchises seem to give you bread and a choice of fruit for free (sorry, George Costanza). On the downside, the soup was salty and expensive at $9.95 +tax. While pricing like that might fly in midtown Manhattan, it seemed somewhat outrageous for Greenpoint.

We left still feeling hungry and lighter in the wallet, considering we only bought soup. Is a business like the Soup Man really sustainable in Greenpoint? Where you can get a very filling Polish platter for less than the cost of a bowl of soup? Time will tell if the Soup Man will close down like Blimpies or thrive by dishing out bowls and cups of soup with bread.

And even though their website has "rules" for customers, we didn't have our cash ready and still got soup.

This store of the Original Soup Man is at 592 Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn.