With Sonic Drive-In's unrelenting ads tempting New Yorkers with what they can't have, many city folk had to bite the bullet and drive to New Jersey to get their Cherry Limeade fixes. But now, you'll only have to drive to Long Island! Okay, it's farther away than their North Bergen, NJ location, but at least you're not leaving the state, right? Though maybe Jersey is worth it; according to one Sonic customer, the Long Island location may have run out of food already.

Lines were already six hours long today, and nobody has been arrested yet. However, someone was reportedly selling spots at the front of the line for $20 each. Sonic plans on opening up ten more locations on the island this year, though there's no word on whether they'll ever bring one of their drive-ins to the boroughs. We're sure there's an abandoned lot somewhere in Williamsburg that's dying for some of that faux nostalgia (and awesome milkshakes).