Can we erect a statue for former pork butcher Pascal Miche, who has managed to make wine from tomatoes? This hero has now allowed us to produce wine from something other than grapes, and let's face it, grapes were getting so old. If nothing else, he's taught us to think outside of the (Franzia) box.

According to DesignTaxi, his creation, called Omerto, "is made of subarctic, yellow and black cherry tomatoes from his 'vintage'—located in Charlevoix, about 249 miles northeast of Montreal—and a touch of sugar." The wine takes about nine months to make, and yields a 10% alcohol content (go ahead, try it at home).

Sadly, the final product doesn't taste like a tomato—one taster described it as having a "slight fruity note, a spicy side that is slightly distinct like cake spices. You can feel the alcohol but the sweetness masks the taste of it. It has hints of honey [sweetness] that could go well with spicy dishes and desserts."

Currently, bottles are going for $25 and are only availabe in Canada, but with any luck, it'll soon be available in the states. Until then, maybe some Brooklyn foodster will start making their own.