A mysterious, brazen thief has reportedly been snatching spare cash from Mister Softee trucks, and drivers believe the perpetrator's someone on the INSIDE. Someone didn't learn their lesson about not messing with the Ice Cream Man.

The New York Times reports that a number of trucks were burglarized while parked in a Mister Softee-specific lot in Ozone Park earlier this month. The trucks' drivers had reportedly stashed rolls of quarters and spare cash in secret spots, like covert cabinets and other so-called nooks and crannies. Over $750 was stolen from several trucks on April 4th. "Only someone who knows the business would know," Harish Kumar, who owns the lot in which the trucks were parked, told the Grey Lady. "A guy who used to work with Mister Softee."

There have been no arrests thus far, and the lot hasn't been hit since. Not that the truck drivers have been lulled into a false sense of security—drivers who park in the lot are no longer allowed to keep cash and change in their trucks overnight, and a larger lot over in Queens Village was reportedly burglarized about a week ago, though only spare change was stolen. "People will do anything for a buck these days," one driver told the Times.

If only the thief had taken the time to disable that infernal "Pop Goes A Weasel" chime.