Starbucks is bringing smoothies back from their second rate status behind fresh juices—and they've enlisted kale to help. The chain announced a partnership with Dannon yogurt to start selling Greek yogurt-based smoothies mixed with cold-pressed juices, which they're calling Evolution Fresh Smoothies after the juice brand Starbucks also owns. They're rolling out the new menu items at about one third of their 12,000 starting today, reports Reuters; sorry Williamsburg 'bucksters, you'll have to wait.

The new products come in three different flavors, including a classic Strawberry with apples, bananas and Greek nonfat yogurt and another made with mango, carrot and Greek nonfat yogurt. Another vegetable-centric option, Sweet Greens, includes green vegetables and yogurt plus mango and banana for sweetness. If those aren't enough nutrients for you, the chain says the drinks can be customized with protein powder or more yogurt, plus a big handful of fresh kale for your fiber needs. Wake us when it's seaweed.

Stores in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Idaho are getting first crack at the kale smoothies, plus a few more counters inside grocery stores and retailers like Target. These precede a national launch of the smoothies—as well as additional Dannon products like yogurt cups and parfaits—that are due later this season. The brand's hipsterfication has been on an uptick recently, with the launch of these drinks and their upscale coffee "destinations" modeled after the independent coffee shop boom. Next up: PBR Lattes.