Street vendors selling roasted chestnuts on 5th Avenue. (Photo by Marcia Bilyk)

Did you know you can still find chestnuts roasting on an open fire right on the streets of New York, despite the Daily News obit in 2010? There are street carts hidden right before your very eyes that deliver on the seasonal fare, and one website is tracking down those still partaking in what they say is a "shrinking tradition" (Smorgasburg's artisanal entrepreneurs, get on this!). So far they've found twelve, all located on 6th Avenue between 53rd and 56th—which will now be referred to as the Roasted Chestnut District—but it's worth checking out any carts in the Midtown area during the winter months, as you'll probably stumble upon more. And the Roasted Chestnut Cart in Flushing, Queens is still going strong!

These holiday treats are even Bloomberg-approved, as one vendor says: "Nothing is added to it—no sugar, no salt, nothing." Bring it home, Bieber: