As if ice cream truck operators didn't have enough to contend with, now there's an ice cream bandit on the loose, robbing them of their frozen gold. Trucks in a private lot in Red Hook have twice been the target of a sweets-seeking robber, who lifted thousands of dollars worth of ice cream products, plus cash and other goods during the separate heists. Ice cream is expensive in this town, people; gotta beat the heat however you can.

According to the Post, nine trucks were burglarized on the first hit and two were broken into on the second hit. During the first break-in, $1,100 worth of Good Humor popsicles were lifted, in addition to ice cream mixes, cones and toppings worth over $250. Is this enterprising individual looking to start his or her own business? With the $2,200 in cash also taken from the scene, they might be able to!

With the lot's owners reportedly on vacation, it's unclear what kind of security is in place to protect the lot. "I really want them to catch these guys, [but] I don’t want them to think we are an easy target," the lot manager told the tabloid, saying he wouldn't reveal more details about the break-ins. The trucks could possibly be easy targets, as similar robberies occurred in an Ozone Park lot last year. Maybe it's time Mr. Softee changed his nickname to Mr. Hardass.