Today's Quick Bites brings us to a stellar sandwich shop in Greenwich Village.

After five years of making Carroll Gardeners swoon over their sandwiches, and two years satisfying the not-easily-impressed folks of Red Hook, the Court Street Grocers duo Matt Ross and Eric Finkelstein have just opened their third stand-alone shop, this time in Greenwich Village. Given the barely-existent line and zero wait for a table I experienced there in the past week or so—even during prime brunch hours—the neighborhood hasn't quite clued in to the jackpot they've hit.

The name here is the same as at their Brooklyn original, and the atmosphere will feel familiar to anyone who's tucked into one these well-stacked beauties across the tidal strait. There's the cute, hand-made signage. There's the tempting, totally non-essential groceries. There's the indie music mix, including some surprising deep cuts. And there's the friendly, funny, slightly goofball staffers.

(Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

As at any sandwich shop, take-out's a big part of the Grocers game, and will make for many fine Washington Square Park picnics in the coming years (fingers crossed). For those getting food to stay, there's seating for about a dozen at some tables up front, behind the baskets of Crab-flavored UTZ and below the shelves of Wacky Mac and Quisp. There are also ten or so lunch counter stools in the back, the preferred perch if you want to watch all of the exuberant sandwich-making antics of the kitchen crew.

Really, if you don't bust out a smile or two while you're here then I don't know what to tell you.

The Court Street Grocers menu at the new location is made up almost entirely of sandwiches, a couple of salads tacked on to appease local carbophobes. Currently four items are exclusive to the Village, with more on their way.

There's the 6th Avenue, thick with animal (well-done roast beef, chunky chopped liver), topped with crisp veggies (radishes, lettuces), juiced up with a kicky, housemade Comeback sauce, which, I learned, is a Southern condiment involving mayo and chili sauce. This is an excellent sandwich, the Balthazar ciabatta holding everything in place. Another newbie is the Tuna 2.0, the fish swimming in mayo rather than the oil of 1.0, and elevated into true sandwich stardom by the fresh chow chow relish on top, which brings both acid and heat to the party. I was genuinely sad when this sandwich came to an end.

Quispy treat, $3.50. (Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

Carryovers from Brooklyn include the hall-of-fame Yam and Cheese, a veggie monster made up of roasted sweet potato, pickled beets and onions, goat cheese, and a bunch of bright herbs and bitter greens. There's a lot going on here, and all of it is good. The fourth sandwich I've eaten here (so far) was the breakfast-menu Pork Roll, a decent if unsurprising potato-roll package of Taylor Ham, soft scrambled, and American cheese. Splash some of that Crystal hot sauce at the condiment station on this one to maximize results.

For dessert, if you don't feel like grabbing some of the old-school candy brands off the shelves, any of the baked goods on hand will do the trick, from the marshmallowy Quispy treat (exactly as good as it sounds) to the fruity mini bread puddings to the superb, sticky-sweet rugelach.

Amazing! Court Street Grocers maintains its charming, general-store feel without straining, and they make some of the best sandwiches around from a something-for-everyone menu. I can't wait until they stay open for dinner, which will happen as soon as they get their beer-and wine-license. Put this in your regular rotation.

The Greenwich Village Court Street Grocers is located at 540 LaGuardia Place between West 3rd and Bleecker Streets, and, for now, is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (212-777-9292;