In a story that will come as a shock to absolutely no one, nightclubs are shady and possibly rip people off. Today the Post reports that certain Manhattan nightclubs are billing customers for "operations charges," which officials say is illegal. Multiple EMM-operated clubs—including headache-inducing Finale on the Bowery and SL in the Meatpacking District—as well as other area clubs are currently under investigation by the city for the questionable practice. Fees between 3 and 5 perfect for drinks and bottle service are added to receipts and messages printed on the back explain that the fees are meant to "offset a variety of ever-changing costs that affect our particular business." Maybe that's industry code for clean-up services?

Bill Bonbrest, COO for Tae Group, insists the practice is above board because their "prices and pricing policies are clearly presented to our guests before an order is placed." A lawyer for EMM brings up the same point, saying the clubs have "worked very hard to ensure that its menus and checks very clearly disclose all pricing and charges to their customers." But Department of Consumer Affairs spokeswoman Abigail Lootens negates that notion, pointing out that "even if listed on a menu or receipt, surcharges are illegal in New York."

If you were fleeced by these fraudulent fees you can dispute them with your credit card company and beg for a refund (good luck!). In the meantime, we should all be scrutinizing our Tenjune receipts or, you know, just not going to nightclubs?