Photos by Justin Rivera/Gothamist

With the opening of Barclays Center earlier this year came the over-saturation of Brooklyn Nets apparel in the borough, and now you can't even pick up a Skinny Peppermint Mocha without seeing the team's logo.

This weekend we noticed that employees at a Starbucks in Brooklyn Heights had the logo emblazoned on the back of their hats. We've reached out to the coffee company's PR team to find out more about the partnership, but in the meantime we headed back to get some answers from the baristas wearing them.

One employee at the Montague Street outpost told us the Nets advertising "started a couple of months ago when the stadium opened up," and that wearing them is "required because the boss paid a lot of money for them. [Employees] don't like them much because they're big and constantly fall, but we have to [wear them] regardless." However, a barista in DUMBO told us that they are not required, adding, "I don't even follow sports, I just like the hat." At press time, we hear they are keeping the mermaid logo at Starbucks, but are we that far away from it being replaced by the terrifying Brooklyn Knight?