So, Shea is gone and Citi Field opens April 13. Hungry? It’s long been known that Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group [USHG]—proud parent of the burgeoning Shake Shackempire—will duly expand into Queens County come opening day. Shake Shack will join the concessions with a scaled version of USHG’s Blue Smoke. Additionally, an all-new joint called Box Frites will open to stadium. Box Frites is so-named to evoke both the largesse of Belgian-style dipping sauces it will feature, but also the sport at large: “Box Frites” = box seats (compare and contrast with original, foul ball name Pop Fries). In other Citi Field food news, Tabla's Floyd Cardoz, another USHG player, will oversee the endless summer-style Verano Taquería.

It was announced via Crain’s yesterday that another restaurateur, Drew Nieporent, is joining the Citi Field Fray with Acela, named “after the high-speed Amtrak train," in the Left Field Restaurant space. Acela will complement Citi Field's Delta Sky360 Club, an exclusive-sounding place located behind home plate. And lest any Citi Field restaurant stone remain unturned, it was announced last month with little fanfare that renowned Westchester wine broker Zachys (since 1944!) will provide various pairings throughout the stadium’s premium dining area, the Delta Sky360 Club. Kind of rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it? The announcement of the new, wine friendly Mets HQ prompted a few comments from a bemused fan base, including this one from the blog Faith and Fear in Flushing: “If this place chooses their wine like the Mets choose outfielders, then get ready for a lot of Thunderbird and Wild Irish Rose.”