Thank goodness! Somebody has figured out a way for WTC workers to get their booze on at lunch without hitting the bar or the liquor store. They just need to wander up to West Broadway's two-year-old sammich shop Salume. Because, yup, the panini spot is now selling a line of "liquor-infused panini."

And by "infused" they don't mean they soak the meat in liquor (sigh!) or that they cook the booze off so that it loses its kick. Nope, they mean they dribble the stuff on top. Okay, so they don't really pour enough on top to get you wasted—they say "the pairing is careful and thoughtful, subtle but present"—but we don't want those workers getting wasted anyway. There have been enough accidents down there as is.

But back to the boozewiches! See, Salume is now aiming to become a "laboratory for Italian culinary innovation" they tell us in a press release, and that means reinventing sandwiches to be bigger and boozier or something. So what can you get? Right now there are a few options,

each made with artisanal spirits that bring about the sandwiches’ bold flavors. Introductory versions include the Mortadella with cave aged salva cremasco, gherkins, watercress, and Il Moscato di Nonino Grappa. Similarly, Virginia-produced Surryano ham—a product [Michael] Spalding is most proud of for its standard-changing quality and local origin—meets 9-month aged asiago, fig mustard, peppermint, and Bulliet rye, which adds a sweet and floral note.

Yup, in one sentence they've got cave-aged cheese and "local" ham from Virginia and our mind has wandered to thoughts of drinking. Oh, and there is also a crudo prosciutto boozewhich made with gin and a "Scotchwich," made with prosciutto, parmacotto, castelroso (cave aged cheese), raw beets, black pepper aioli. Prices range from $11 for a scotchwich to $18 for the Bulliet ham sammy.

But also, you could just buy a deli sandwich and a bottle of booze, pour a shot of the latter on the former and then drink the rest? Or would that just be crazy?

330 West Broadway, 212-226-8111