centovini2.jpgIf you’re thinking about buying into the future Soho Mews condo but still unsure whether the “doorman, concierge and a curator” will be enough for you, the news in today’s Post might just be your tipping point. The under-construction condo, which is comprised of two buildings joined by a shared courtyard garden, has announced a partnership with Centovini, the Italian restaurant on West Houston, four blocks north from the condo on West Broadway, across from the Soho Grand. Formerly a wine bar and shop, Centovini has recently shifted gears, adding expanded dining and moving the wine business online.

As a discerning Soho Mews resident, you will benefit from all sorts of special treatment from Centovini. Want anything off their menu delivered? Presto. Want Centovini’s sommelier to keep your apartment stocked with selections from their “library” of 100+ Italian wines? Right away, sir or ma’am. And wouldn’t it be nice if someone at Centovini made sure your refrigerator was filled with all the fresh food they use in the restaurant? Consider it done. Actually, couldn’t you just get Centovini’s executive chef Patti Jackson to come and cook in your kitchen? You could if you lived at the Soho Mews. It’s not clear if Jackson will actually raise the fork to your mouth and manually manipulate your jaw, but for a price we’re sure something can be arranged.

When asked how Jackson would find the time to cook for the Mews swells when she still has to, you know, supervise the cooking for an entire restaurant, Centovini owner Nicola Marzovilla laughingly assured the Post that “Patti isn't cooking every minute we're open.” We’re sure Jackson can’t wait to fill those idle minutes by racing four blocks down to double dip at the Mews – because you know how languid and dull a restaurant kitchen can get for a chef.