With the future of bottle service and boozing at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club at the Barclays Center hanging in the balance, it looks like the first real casualty of last week's bloody club battle between Drake and Chris Brown might be the demon's lair itself: nightclub WiP (Work In Progress), which played host to Drake and Brown's brawl, received 14 violations from the State Liquor Authority yesterday and is in serious danger of being shut down.

WiP, which is located on Varick Street in SoHo, had its own share of legal woes prior to the Brown/Drake showdown. Over the past few years, it has been charged with selling alcohol to minors, violating fire and voice ordinances, hiring unlicensed security guards and selling marijuana to an undercover police officer. The club was shut down temporarily following the now infamous June 14 fight, and is currently being sued for $20 million by San Antonio Spurs Guard/former Mr. Eva Longoria Tony Parker over a scratched cornea he received during the brawl.

The new SLA charges—which include one count of not stopping the brawl and several other charges for noise violations, other fights and drug-related incidents—could lead to its ultimate demise. “They’re absolutely in jeopardy of losing their licenses,” SLA spokesperson William Crowley told the Post. “They have a number of prior charges, too, so that comes into play when we’re looking at taking action.”

Meanwhile, the club owners have until July 11 to reply to the charges before succumbing to the same fate as the Juliet Supperclub, may she Rest In Peace.