The Barclays Center got mad props from Hizzoner for voluntarily complying with his controversial soda ban before it went into effect. But the new arena is apparently so proud of its Bloomberg-approved 16 oz. soda sizes that it's practically giving them away—at least compared to the cost of their water bottles.

As Bloomberg food critic Ryan Sutton noticed, a "microscopic" 16 oz soda at Barclays Center costs $4, while a 20 oz. bottle of Dasani (barf) costs $4.50. Yes, it's four ounces bigger BUT IT'S FREAKING WATER. So for Barclays visitors on a budget, there's more incentive to just buy Coca-Cola, which is exactly what Bloomberg's soda ban is supposed to counteract. At any rate, what we'd really like to know is how much they're charging for that pyrotechnic bottle of Coke depicted above, because we'd pay big bucks for that.