Last year we were as surprised as everyone else when Brooklyn pizza staple Grimaldi's suddenly moved next door from its original home to make way for a new pizza joint from the original Grimaldi's pizzaiolo (not that the move made a dent to its lines). But now that the joint has had a bit of time to settle in, the big question is: How's the pizza?

The quick answer? Still good! Slice's resident pizza expert, Adam Kuban, recently stopped by and filed a report on his experience. And he was pleasantly surprised. "The new location, in what was once Brooklyn's first safety deposit bank, seems to have put a new spring in Grimaldi's step," he writes. "And the pizzas I had there this week were better than any time in recent memory."

Here's the thing though: Kuban is only half right. The pizza at Grimaldi's remains quite good—but it really isn't noticeably different than it was when the shop was down the block. Trust us, we've been picking up their pies and bringing them back to our office once a week for well over a year. When Grimaldi's first moved there was a slight dip in quality (which we assumed was the oven getting worked in) but it was back to the usual after two weeks or so.

Of course, we also always get the pepperoni pies here at Gothamist HQ, pies which Kuban didn't try on his latest trip (though, as he writes, he wanted to). If he had, we think he might have had an even better time. But that's us, have you been back yet? What'd you think of the pies?