roofbarGothamist has been going to the bar at Thom a lot recently. It's not so crowded in the early evening, and it's close to the downtown office. But last week we discovered that we were drinking in the wrong place; Thom has a super-exclusive roof bar called A60. That knowledge really ruined the second floor lounge for us. Now, whenever we are there, having one of their classic cosmos, all we can think about is how much more fun the cool kids are having on the roof. With that in mind, Gothamist has begun formulating a plan to gain access to A60.

Step one: reconnaissance. Gothamist casually began quizzing the wait staff at the second floor bar about ways of gaining access to A60. Based on that, and a few conversations with the beefy guys manning the door downstairs, we assembled the information contained in this report. There are three ways of gaining access to A60:

1. Be a guest of the hotel
2. Be a special member of A60- that comes with its own key to the roof
3. Come between 5am and 7pm- apparently the roof is open to all during those hours, but no drinks are served

To this, we have added two of our own ideas for gaining access:

4. Go to the second floor lounge- slip into the stairwell and make way to the roof. Sneak through an open door and out into the world of celebrity.
5. Mug one of the leggy waitresses, grab her uniform, and go up to the roof in the elevator, scooby-doo style.

Now we just need three or four people to help us put our plan into action. Who wants to join the Gothamist A60 Mission Impossible team?