Ladieeees! Are you tired of sneaking booze into stadiums and concerts in a boring old flask? Worried your wine bra will explode all over your new blouse? Well say goodbye to fear and hello to Tampon Stealth Flasks, the classiest new way to conceal your alcoholism thriftiness.

Each order contains five plastic vials concealed inside plastic wrappers that are made to look like feminine products. The genius innovators at also sell colostomy bagsBoobie Bags and fake sunscreen bottles if the idea of booze tampons turns you off. Hey, it could be worse!

The set retails for $14.59 (available on Prime!) or save money and buy a used tampon (I'm so sorry) for just $9.99. Dudes might feel awkward asking their gal pals to borrow a tampon—this is how the other half lives, boys!—but it's a hell of a lot less painful than eyedrops and enemas.

[via Foodbeast]