If today's chilly, sodden weather hadn't clued you in: winter is coming. Time to move all of summer's outdoor bounty indoors, including powerhouse al fresco markets Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea, which are winding down their waterfront season. After last year's successful transition to a Williamsburg warehouse, the whole kit and kaboodle are instead heading to Crown Heights to join their gorgeous new sister Berg'n.

Co-founder Eric Demby dropped the news to the Times in a one-off line in the paper's examination of the booming market trend. Demby confirmed the news to us today, telling us everything will move to 1000 Dean Street beginning the weekend of November 8th and 9th. The new space, seen above, will link internally with Berg'n, which offers ample seating, a full bar and the hall's permanent food vendors including Flea vets like Ramen Burger and Mighty Quinn's.

The space looks more finished than its predecessor and Demby tells Eater it will be "similar to our winter market last year in W'burg, just a different location...albeit a far more pleasant one." Demby says there'll be between 100 and 110 vendors each weekend and that they'll be set up with more permanent stalls. Of those, five to 10 will be cooked-food stands and more from the "packaged-food contingent."

"It’ll be more Winter Flea than Smorg, where you browse for a bit, wander into Berg’n for a burger/brisket/dog/slice and a beer, then maybe go back to the market and buy a chair or a blouse," Demby explains. "For dads like us, beer makes shopping better, and the idea is to make this a no-brainer winter-weekend destination for families, tourists, and of course Brooklynites." Sounds kinda like a mini, artisanal mall...but with booze! Thumbs up.