We know how you feel about your lox, New York, but before you load up that bagel be warned: there has been a smoked salmon recall. Massachusetts seafood company, Spence & Co Ltd., has issued a voluntary recall on some of its salmon products because of possible contamination by the bacterium listeria monocytogenes that was found in a routine inspection. Listeria monocytogenes can cause the bacterial infection listeriosis with symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, confusion, and vomiting usually lasting 7-10 days. The infection can turn into meningitis.

So, what to watch for? Beware of Wellsley Farms brand smoked salmon nova in 16 ounce packages distributed through BJ's Wholesale Club on June 13 in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. And if you're out of state, Spence & Co Ltd. brand 8 oz. Smoked Salmon Trim sold through Krogers and King Soopers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, Wyoming & Utah between June 22 and June 29 may also be affected.

No one's been reported sick yet, but customers who have purchased the offending fish are encouraged to contact the place of purchase or call the Spence & Co. consumer number at 508-427-5577 for a full refund.

This is why we still get our appetizing fish from professional appetizers.