Beloved Bushwick dive Kings County Bar—famously home to the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant, in addition to many, many nights of misplaced dignity—was unceremoniously pushed out of its decade-old Seigel Street space thanks to a rent spike. Now, they've moved over a few blocks and merged with erstwhile restaurant 1 Knickerbocker to create Kings County Saloon, a slightly more upscale boozery complete with beer-and-shot deals and bar bites. But don't worry, there will still be micro-peens. There will always be micro-peens.

Kings County Saloon, which opens on Friday, will be "the ultimate beer and shot bar," according to proprietor Jesse Leavitt, who owned both 1 Knickerbocker and Kings County Bar previously. "No frills, just fun." The purported fun includes a daylong Busch can and well shot for $5, in addition to whiskeys and craft beers (on tap offerings include Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA, Alagash Black Stout, Allagash White Ale, Lagunitas Pilsner and Brooklyn Lager). OG Kings County's famed giant $20 fishbowl drinks will remain on the menu, along with other specialty cocktails.

And though I can't remember Kings County Bar serving food—it was totally acceptable to bring in your own falafel from Olive Valley, may it rest in peace—Kings County Saloon seems to be taking advantage of 1 Knickerbocker's full kitchen, boasting Buffalo wings, a brisket and beef short rib cheeseburger, ham and cheese bites, hummus, and ice cream sandwiches, among other dishes. And yes, there will be a kale salad, obviously. This isn't a lawless establishment.

As for the tiny genitalia, last month Kings County Bar co-owner Aimee Arciuolo assured us that next year's Smallest Penis in Brooklyn contest would go on, with plenty more space for all the little penises and the people who love them.

Kings County Saloon is located at 1 Knickerbocker Ave between Johnson Ave and Ingraham Street in disputed Bushwick/East Williamsburg territory.