The kiosk in that little park at First Avenue and Houston, which was formerly occupied by Veselka and, before that, a forgettable coffee spot, has now been taken over by S'MAC. It's the first expansion for the wildly popular mac 'n' cheese restaurant, which for years has been doing brisk business a bit further north on 12th Street.

In addition to S'MAC's usual macaroni and cheese menu—which includes options for restricted, gluten-free and vegan diets—the S’MAC kiosk at First Park will sell a selection of coffee and pastries for commuters starting at 7 a.m. daily. (It's conveniently located right next to the F train entrance on the corner.) The mac 'n' cheese is served from 11 a.m. onward, and includes a "create your own macaroni and cheese" option.

According to a press release from the Parks Department, the S'MAC kiosk is part of an effort "to enhance the parks of New York City with high quality, diverse and healthy food vendors." (Here's the menu, which includes entrees like the popular Cheeseburger Major Munch, made with Cheddar, American, Ground Beef.)