Yesterday we learned that disgraced former State Senator Hiram Monserrate had moved from slashing faces to slicing pizzas. But what was missing from the story was a review of the pies at Papaya Pizza. But no longer! Competitive eater Jason "Crazy Legs" Conti—who, having eaten 21 slices in 10 minutes at last year's Upper Crust Pizza Eating World Championship, knows a thing or two about pizza—stopped by for a try yesterday and did not come out a fan.

"I would rather eat the cardboard box at Patsy's before I'd eat this," he told the Post before adding, "You can't overcome bad pizza."

For now we guess we'll just have to take Conti's word for it. Papaya Pizza has yet to be reviewed on Slice (we need the upskirt guys!) and it isn't even listed on Yelp yet (rival Zagat has it listed, but doesn't have any reviews in). Have any of our Queens readers been?