Skrillex, the world's most successful DJ, may be an acquired taste, but he does have some big fans. Like Kanye West—a March Rolling Stone profile of Skrillex, born Sonny Moore, noted how Kim Kardashian's boyfriend flew him to Las Vegas and "watched him DJ and then invited him to his hotel room to cut some tracks." Now, a NY Times Magazine interview gets to the important stuff: What kind of food Kanye serves on board.

Kanye West flew you to Vegas in a private jet. What’s it like?

It was big, and it was fancy, and it had really hot stewardesses serving food, and his entourage was basically similar to mine, a bunch of guys on laptops working nonstop all the time, and so was he. He works hard, too, man.

You get something better than a cold sandwich on Air Kanye?
They brought out a lot of, like, decadent desserts and definitely really fancy-looking stuff, sushi and tempura and filet mignon, if you wanted.

And when the Times asks, "People love to dismiss electronica as inferior to music that’s produced by real instruments," Skrillex replies, "The Ramones played four chords and took their Marshall cabinets and jacked everything up to 10 with bass, treble, mid, gain, volume. That was their sound, and people called them illiterate musicians. Leonard Cohen writes lyrics, but musically it’s not, like, the most challenging in the world. That’s the real art, not how technical something can be. It’s where it comes from and the effect it has on you."