America's snack companies are clearly trying to turn our nation into a bunch of diabetic homosexual animal-screwing heathens. This year especially. First Kraft got hate for the rainbow-oreo picture it put up on Facebook to honor gay pride and now Skittles is getting flack for a commercial supposedly making light of bestiality. Flack so hysterical we hope it's part of the ad campaign itself.

Yup, according to the absurd group One Million Moms, the Skittles commercial below—in which a young woman makes out with a walrus while her roommate looks on—is "disgusting." Because when those multitude of moms see that ad all they can see is S-E-X. "Skittles Marketing Team may have thought this was humorous, but not only is it disgusting, it is taking lightly the act of bestiality. Let Skittles know their new ad is irresponsible," they write, pleading with parents to write in and complain.

And the mamas are so clearly right! When watching this new Skittles ad (which we hadn't even seen until this nonsense made us aware of it) we couldn't help but think "day-um, that walrus is looking fiii-ine! Wonder what his number is so we can call him up and get tusked good!" The idea of trying a batch of reject Skittles whose colors don't match with their flavors didn't even come to mind!