You've heard of beer and cheese pairings, but now you can enjoy the two entities fused together, in a new cheese that's been basted with the boozy beverage. Sprout Creek Farm, a Poughkeepsie cheese maker, has partnered with Red Hook's Sixpoint Ales to create "Point of Origin," the first of what will be a series of washed-rind cheeses from the collaboration.

Washed-rind cheeses are a familiar variety to European cheese hounds but not until recently has the trend caught on in the United States. The cheeses are continually dunked or wiped with liquid—sometimes a brine or, in this case, a beer—to produce a more pungent rind. For this incarnation, Sixpoint supplied their Brownstone Brown Ale to be basted over a raw cow's milk cheese from Sprout Creek. The result is a more mellow version of a typical washed-rind cheese, which are often of the more aromatic variety, that has a subtle zing and a smooth texture.

You can pick up a creamy hunk at your local Whole Foods but it won't come cheap! The fromage rings in at $24.99 a pound, making it more suitable to special occasions rather than an everyday snack. You could pair it with the Brownstoner Brown Ale, of course, but Sixpoint's new seasonal Apollo is now in rotation and the crisp, fruity brew would help to cut the richness of the decadent dairy.