Hey! Guess what! Sunday is one the most wonderful holidays of the year! No, not Rosh Hashanah, though that is a pretty sweet one, too. No, September 16 is National Guacamole Day (which is not to be confused with National Spicy Guacamole Day on November 14). And, as often happens when made up food holidays roll around, Guacamole Day got us thinking about where to get the best guac in town (which, let us be clear, does not necessarily mean the most "authentic" guacamole in town).

Now, the truth about guacamole is that every batch is different and the best way to get the greatest green stuff just right is to simply make it yourself (it is so easy—hence all the table side preparation around town!). But if you'd rather somebody else do it—and can't stand getting the overpriced guac from Chipotle one more time—well, here are a few of our favorite spots:

Empellón Cocina Say what you will about former WD-50 pastry chef Alex Stupak's growing Mexican dining empire, but don't you dare say his guacamole isn't tasty thanks to fried pistachios and pickled jalapenos (among other flavors). So, so good.

Rosa Mexicano Yes, there is something a bit cliche at this point about going to these trio of fancy Mexican restaurants, but you know what? The guac they make to much fanfare right next to your table is good. Really good. And because they do it right there, you can make sure it is just how you want it. And it is, to our tastes, distinctly better than the similar table side guac made at Dos Caminos.

Jolie Cantina There are lots of guac spots around town, but for whatever reason we just keep coming back to the chunky, tasty tableside guacamole at this Smith Street French/Mexican restaurant. Having it made in front of you amidst a charming atmosphere certainly helps!

Toloache For serious guac variations you'll want to slip over to the one of the three Toloache eateries where they serve up a three-guac sampler which features a traditional guac, a cilantro-heavy version and a fruity take on the classic dip that includes mangoes, peaches, and Thai basil. While we've had mixed opinions on the three, the people who love them really love them.

Hecho en Dumbo Long absent from Brooklyn, this Bowery restaurant is constantly making batches of its tasty, slightly spicy guacamole. And if you think they aren't quite spicy enough, well, no worries—you can always add some more yourself.

Mesa Coyoacan Honestly part of the reason we really love the guacamole at this Williamsburg restaurant is because we really love the margaritas at this Williamsburg restaurant, but still! We've yet to go and not wish that the bowl of guacamole was just a little bigger—and it isn't really small at all.

So those are our go to guac stops, what are yours?