Gothamist Beer Month rages on

! As you sit back and savor your finely crafted beer, we know there’s only one thing that could make it better (besides another beer)—it’s a drinking accessory. And no, not a boot-shaped beer glass or another beer koozie. While there are hundreds of great (and not so great) drinking doodads out there, here is a roundup of some of the most creative beer accessories.

The Collapsible Beer Glass: Lovingly known as the Port-A-Pint, this beer glass can fit right in your pocket so you are ready for the party anywhere and everywhere. The ad also mentions that with the flick of the wrist the glass expands, ensuring that you look way cooler than pulling out just any ordinary glass. For only $7.99 it comes with its own storage case. So hygiene is included.

Beer Holding Hoodie: If you’ve ever been at a party and thought, “I wish I didn’t have to hold my beer.” And further, “I wish my sweatshirt could hold it for me.” Done and done. This cotton blend hoodie, which also comes in other designs with logos, has a small elastic, insulated pocket right up front where you can securely place your cold beer like a baby kangaroo. While the hoodie (going for $32.99) is not exactly fashion forward, the convenience factor is considerable.

The Beer Belt: The tool belt for drinkers, this contraption that fits snugly around your waist holds six (12 or 14 ounce) cans or bottles of beer, has a zipper pocket on the back for money and IDs, and a Velcro pocket on the front for a cell phone. Sure, The Beer Belt looks like something that could have been featured on Home Improvement’s Tool Time, but it comes in an array of colors—perfect for man or woman. Priced around $21.95, you’ll never have to go sober thirsty again.

Remote Control Beer Cooler:The Interactive Toy Concepts® Radio—Controlled Cooler is perfect for when you want a beer, but don’t want to get up. As comments about the cooler indicate, it is a fabulous conversation piece. It holds up to 12 cold drinks at a time and boasts a 30 foot remote control range with wireless remote. And as the official commercial suggests you’ll never have to budge from the couch again. Not that you had any reason to; just look at those rock hard abs. $52.87 is all you need to relax in style. Alternatively, you could just get a dog.

Silly Straw Beer Goggles: Relive a bit of the past, when drinking out of oddly shaped straws was all the rage, with the Amazing Silly Straw Eyeglass Straws ($4.39). Perhaps meant for children, these glasses seem perfect for guzzling down a beer in style. A helpful tip: make sure when assembling, all of the connectors are securely fastened.

Air Pong Table: There are many beer pong tables out there—handcrafted, Sistine Chapel painted, even ones that would have you think they come with real, live hot chicks (they don’t). However, the best seems to be the Air Pong Table ($46.99). Just inflate and play, this table has removable racks, divots so the cups stay intact, and is seven feet long. In case you’re wondering if this will make you the most convivial guest at the party…it will.