Adjoining Boerum Hill eateries Ganso Yaki and Sushi Ganso shuttered suddenly on Tuesday, leaving employees—who just found out yesterday—in the lurch. The eateries' owner, Harris Salat, confirmed to DNAinfo that the duo are now closed but declined to provide additional details. We've reached out to the team and will update with any more info.

Interestingly, Ganso Yaki announced less than two weeks ago that they'd hired a new chef, Rick Horiike, to revamp the menu of Japanese comfort foods.

Ganso Yaki opened in March of 2015, followed by Sushi Ganso earlier this year. The Downtown Brooklyn original, Ganso Ramen, remains open.

Update: Through a publicist, Salat sent the following statement: "Sadly, we have to close our beloved Ganso Yaki and Sushi Ganso restaurants. This brings me great sadness as our employees poured their hearts and souls into these eateries. At this time we're going to continue focusing on our flagship restaurant Ganso Ramen and hope that our loyal patrons and welcomed newcomers will visit us here."